Piano tuner

Sergey Gogolev

Sergey Gogolev, piano tuner Graduated from the Institute of Acoustics (Pravdinskoe, Russia, 1991), studied with the excellent expert in acoustics Doctor of Science Valery Porvenkov, who wrote 98 books on piano tuning.

Sergey Gogolev has conducted several seminars and practice workshops for Bechstein, Steinway, Blüthner and Yamaha. For several years he has been the official piano tuner of the International Piano Competition of the Principality of Andorra.

He participated in the restoration of the piano of Pyotr Tchaikovsky (residence of the Tchaikovsky State Museum, Votkinsk, Russia), as well as in the restoration of the monastery of Montserrat and the harmonies of the Archdiocese of Tarragona.

He currently works as an official piano tuner for distinguished pianists such as Michel Béroff, Stanislav Pochekin, Jean-Pierre Dipui, Manel Ruiz, Fedor Veselov and Jorge Romero among many others.