member of the jury

Enrique Sanz-Burguete

Born in Valencia, (Spain). Honorary Rector of the newly created Humanium International University. Doctor in History and Arts from the University of Granada and Diploma in Advanced Studies from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Degree in Composition, Musicology, Music Pedagogy, Solfeggio and Theory of Music and Piano from the Joaquín Rodrigo Conservatory of Music, as well as studying Orchestral Conducting and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Valencia. He extended his studies in national and international courses such as Music in Compostela, Stage de Composition authored the UPIC of I. Xenakis, Granada International Festival and IRCAM Paris. His symphonic and theatrical music has won several awards. He has received numerous commissions and requests such as the International Festival of Contemporary Music of Alicante, International Festival of Contemporary Music ENSEMS, the Ministry of Culture of Spain, Generalitat Valenciana, Valencian Institute of Culture, Orchestra of Valencia, F.I.B.M. d´Altea, F. I. de Morelia (Mexico), 36th International Horn Symposium, Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, ​​(MACBA), XXIV BBK Festival, (Guggenheim, Bilbao), LEMATS Festival 2014 (Seville), etc. and of various instrumental and solo ensembles. He was director and professor at the Conservatory of Bunyol (Valencia).

Career civil servant since 1994 teaching, as a Professor, in the specialty of Composition and Contemporary Music at the Conservatory of Music Joaquín Rodrigo in Valencia and classes in the “Master of Interpretation”. He created the subject of Sound Space and taught it at the ESAD in his city. His music covers more than 70 works of different genres. His scores have been performed at numerous international music festivals and programs. Some important events in his career have been: IseMonogatori III for amplified solo guitar, synthesis sounds and orchestra, he represented Spain in the 3rd edition of The New Music Week. Bucharest, (Romania). Pavana for an Anniversary, for symphony orchestra, commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Valencia Orchestra. ChungTzu and the butterfly (released in the VIII Festival of Three songs-Madrid), first quintet of wind with piano of the Spanish repertoire. To Matilde, in the XVI International Piano Competition José Iturbi of Valencia. Vaults for ensemble, dedicated to the painter Juan Genovés and premiered at the Palau de les Arts in Valencia. The MindandtheHeart, for symphony orchestra, will also be premiered on May 14, 2021, at the Palau de les Arts (Spain). Jury in several music competitions and composition competitions. Speaker at conferences on Spanish music, and on his work in particular. (Superior Institute of Art of Havana (Cuba), Forum Juan Luis Vives, etc. Some bibliographical references of, or on the author are: VV.AA.: Dictionary of the Valencian Music, ICCMU, Generalitat Valenciana, 2006 Sanchezde León, José Ruvira: History of the Music of the Valencian Community, Valencian Press SA1992, López-Chavarri Andújar, Eduardo: Valencian composers of the 20th century, from modernism to the avant-garde, pp. 287-290. Generalitat Valenciana. “Music 92.” Valencia 1992.

Music producer of the CD Tribute to Francisco LlácerPla performed by Grup Illana. It has work in 17 compact discs like in: Contrasts (Illana Group), Federico Garci’a Lorca (Guitar JL Ruiz of the Port, Ars Harmonica), Intimate pieces (Miguel Alvarez, piano, GadGad), Valencia-Havana (Works of Brouwer, Cano and Sanz-Burguete, GadGad), within Salvador’s notebook, Tombeau to Paco de Lucía (Rubén Parejo, guitar and electronics), on the CD Les Ombres de l’Exterminador, Vento (Sisco Aparici. Visualsonora, for marimba and live electronics). A live camera portrait, C.D. monograph that includes part of his chamber work. Works, in turn, published by Piles, Editorial de Música S. a. as well as in the Valencian Institute of Music and Alfonce-Production (France)